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Here are a couple of pics that were taken near the end of summer time that I do not think I shared. Forgot about them, and being home bored off my rocker with this virus has left me to remembering all sorts of weird stuff. Now that picture of me is one of the worse photos of me taken I think, but what's happening in it is priceless because it completely shows my booogie being his natural self. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

This is Gabriel Hernandez, reporting for CNN.

Yep that those two alright. In their classic state.

Winston's ready! We're not sure what he's ready for, but he's ready!

Olivia says Grandma and Mom can't fool me, I know this water is cold and it's the deep end.

I scream! You scream! We all scream for Ice Cream!

Ta-ta for now!