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A very old friend of mine from England, who I lost touch with for several years started writing to me back in the early part of the year. It's been difficult to get back into the swing of things writing wise (we used to write snail mail letters all of the time in the late 80s and we took turns visiting each other). So much had happened over the course of 15 years it is hard to capture that in email and our writing has become pages long even in email standards. His attempt to find me was over very late news of Mike's death (when back in Danville, there was a time where Mike and I shared the same best friend - Gary), which has been sad; but I am relieved and happy to say that after he pumped me for every detail and I painstakingly complied - we got through it and are trying to build our ties slowly back up. 

This is not meant to be a sad entry. This is a happy one. Gary married several years ago, which I am delighted to hear. I find it ironic that when I was in my late teens/early twenties I could not fathom his celibacy, and reasoning behind it, which now I have adopted for myself but to even greater lengths and now unknowing the comparison until I just wrote this. Anyway, I completely ramble on about these sorts of things to an unnecessary degree. Back to the point of this entry. His wife and he have two lovely children from this blessed joining, and we have been corresponding about our children in the past few letters/emails and he sent me photos today. I had to share, these beautiful little faces have made my day so much brighter.

Aren't they adorable?